Luces LED de frenado/traseras/direccionales SuperNova® Metri-Pack®, tres varillas roscadas

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    • luz led de frenado / trasera / direccional metri pack supernova, tres varillas roscadas 360 thumbnail
    • luz led de frenado / trasera / direccional metri pack supernova, tres varillas roscadas thumbnail
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    Especificaciones técnicas
    • Material: carcasa de policarbonato, lente de policarbonato
    • Color: rojo, blanco
    • Color del lente: rojo/transparente
    • Color de la carcasa: negro
    • Voltaje: 12 V
    • Amperaje: .16 A-2.1 A
    • Tipo de montaje: varilla roscada
    • Tipo de conexión: Metri-Pack
    • Regulaciones: FMVSS 108
    • Funciones: S, T, I, A, R(2)
    • Foco: 1156, 32 CP (L)
    • VMRS: 034-002-022
    • Estilo: Metri-Pack
    Características y beneficios
    • Reemplaza a GM® 15613944 y 15565732
    • LED de repuesto para Navistar® 1661282C91
    • Incluye reflector Reflex
    • Tecnología de LED única SuperNova® con funciones de F/T/D
    • Con la función de repuesto permanece incandescente
    • Encapsulado para una protección contra la vibración y la corrosión

    Reseñas de clientes

    • 53630

      I have a Grote 53702 but it is not showing here in your catalog kind is this a light made for a Freightliner and wired differently?

      Newhall N. Jun 25, 2019

    • 53630

      Hi Joe! First, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We wouldn’t trash a negative review any more than we would a positive one. Both are viewed as learning experiences for us—to find out what our customers value and ways we can improve, products and service. We realize we don’t always hit the mark the first time, and this type of feedback is vital to get us ever closer to that goal. Now...let’s see how we can correct this issue for you. Ginger from customer service will be reaching out to you and we will find your correct part – if we have one that will work – and the web / catalog will be updated to better reflect the LED / Incandescent lights on this product.

      Grote . Sep 02, 2016

    • 53630

      Very disappointed to pay such a premium price for 2 Supernova LED lights only to find out the backup light is incandescent. If the engineers could not figure out how to design an LED light into that function, first it should be clearly indicated on product description, or second Grote should have installed an aftermarket LED bulb with a 1156 base mount. I'm sure the site administrator will "moderate" this review to his trash file by felt compelled to express my opinion.

      JOe P. Sep 02, 2016

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